Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from parents who want to know more about coaching.

1.        Can you coach children?

Yes, it’s easier to coach children because they are more open to learning new ways of being, doing and seeing without all the limiting beliefs that perhaps some adults have. Having to unlearn the beliefs and ways of doing things that no longer serve us when we are adults can be a lot harder.

2.        How does coaching work?

I make coaching for children seem like they are just enjoying some ‘me’ time talking about them  they usually think it’s a lot of fun as well being a safe place to share their stuff. The first coaching session is about getting to know each other and discovering where coaching is required.  I usually discuss this with the parent beforehand; however I work from the child’s perspective.  This helps set goals and work towards them.  Children learn best when they play, so coaching can be drawing, activity sheets, games, props or simply plain old fashioned talking.  Anything that helps a child figure out their own solutions or ways of overcoming their troubles.

3.        How do I know if coaching is for my child?

I believe coaching is for everybody.  Although, if I’m 100% sure the child does not want coaching or it isn’t right for them, I will say so. Having a good rapport between coach and client is what at the heart of coaching success.  If your child does not warm to me or is resistant to coaching, the refund policy applies. (see point on ‘Refunds’ in my Terms of Service.)  It is important that your child wants to come to coaching otherwise it will not work.  A little resistance or fear of the unknown can be expected, however if they refuse point blank to come, it will be a waste of everybody’s time and money.  You know your child better than anybody, so discuss with them before hand and gauge their reaction before making your first appointment.

4.        How many sessions will my child need and how often will they need them?

Most clients opt to have weekly sessions. Each session is 50 minutes long.  The average client usually stays with me for 6 – 8 sessions.  The minimum number of sessions is 4 and is bought as an Entry Level Coaching package.  Coaching is a process and in isolation one or two sessions is ineffective.  The client can then chose to continue with follow up sessions.  All clients are encouraged to call or email me between sessions if something important and timely comes up. These brief “check-ins” are free. .

5.        How can I prepare my child for coaching?

Coaching is not therapy or counselling. Its success lies in setting future goals and finding a way to reach them.  This can be anything from changing behaviour to tackling something new and different. I find using positive analogies that your child can relate to work well. e.g. comparing me to a Sports Coach who is helping an athlete train for a marathon or a Football Coach who ensures a player is top of his game before a match.  In this way, a Life Coach ensures you are the happiest in your daily life and can help you overcome anything that troubles you.  If your child is unhappy, I would focus on how coaching could make him or her feel better.  “This lady we are going to see can help you feel happier at school and help you cope with those people who are not being very kind to you or help you sleep at night so you are not tired.”

6.        What if coaching doesn’t work for us?

I’m confident that coaching will have a positive impact on your child and subsequently, the rest of the family.  For this reason, I offer a 100% guarantee and a refund for any unused sessions will be given to dissatisfied customers.  Few clients continue for six months or more, because they enjoy the weekly boost learning more about themselves.  I love it when clients are able to see results sooner than expected and prefer to give people tools they can use to keep moving forward after they have finished working with me.

 7.       Will I be privy to what is discussed with my child?

What is discussed in the coaching sessions is between myself and the child unless the child is breaking the law or in danger. I do encourage all children to share with their parents what they are working on during coaching sessions (with a 90% success rate) as their parents can then support them outside of the coaching session.  Some parents (especially those with young children) like to join in a coaching session at the end so they are involved in the process.

8.       What can I expect from coaching?

Coaching is a way of identifying what is not working now and how a plan can be put in place and practical steps taken to get to where the child needs to be.  Children are very resourceful in a safe and positive environment and can work through their own challenges.  This is done at the child’s pace and will depend very much on the child as to how long they stay in coaching for.  However it’s worth noting, that coaching is a process and not a magic wand.  It requires commitment, open honest communication and effort from all parties (coach, coachee and parent). There are many success stories about coaching has helped other families flourish on my blog and you can also read what they are saying about me.

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