Welcome to Feel Good Friday – it really is all about the good stuff

‘Feel Good Friday

♥ ♥  Show some gratitude for what you love about your life.  After all what you focus your attention on grows.  Imagine having a life full of things you love ♥ ♥

ハートの風船It’s all about the good stuff and what makes us happy.

Being in thankful for what we have and not what is missing.

Every Friday I will post 10 things that I currently love about my life and I will invite you to join me.  The reason for create this new habit is HUGE.  Psychologists have scientifically proven that one of the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness in your life is how much gratitude you show.  Watch this video where you will see an experiment carried out to prove that this is really the case and not a load of old hippy woo woo stuff that isn’t for you .  It’s for everybody, so be prepared to be amazed

It warms your heart doesn’t it?  And the person who had the biggest increase in happiness was the person having the toughest time right now. 


At my children’s workshops, one of things that goes down a treat are our gratitude stones.  These are stones sourced from Brighton beach and we decorate them to remind ourselves of what we love about our lives.  At the end of the workshop, the children take their stones home.  Whenever they feel alone, sad or angry, they can simply hold onto their stone and focus their attention on what is good about life.  Magical – it helps them to feel more like themselves again.  Don’t you want to make one now?

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend ♥ ♥”   Melody Beattie

This kind of thinking creates a lovely shift that helps us to feel good.  After all, we spend a lot of energy moaning and worrying about what isn’t right.  Why do we do this?  Is it conditioning or English culture that makes us think, talk and act this way?

Negative thinking really is bad for your health

According to Scientists and a book called E² by Pam Grout , from the 60 million or so thoughts we have a day, 1,000 of them are the exact same thoughts you had yesterday! Pam says, “Instead of using our to think up new ideas, to ask for the answers to life’s great mysteries, we waste them on trivial, insignificant, thoroughly meaningless things.  Pam’s book presents 9 do-it-yourself experiments that means your thoughts are put to good use and can manifest your life to be exactly as you wish.

 When you worry or focus on the stuff that causes you to stress and your release the stress hormone cortisol in your body.  Two of the antidotes for cortisol are mindfulness (meditation) and gratitude.  Think of your mind like a naughty puppy dog that needs training.  It needs to learn how to think in positive ways to have a positive affect on your health, your mood and quite simply your whole life.  Gratitude is a great place to start and we can all help each other along and feel the love.  We can do it for our children too by playing the Gratitude Game at night time before we got to sleep or in the car on the way to school.  Simply say to your children: ” Right let’s all say 3 things that we love about our life at the moment. Go!”  It’s easy, it takes mintues and on that beautiful note of gratitude, here are this week’s

10 Things I Love About My Life

1.  Marie TV
I’ve become an avid fan of Marie Forleo.  Now that’s not just because she is a funny, kick ass crazy New Jersey Girl who knows her stuff, but also because she has created a TV channel with a weekly slot to help you create a business and life you love.  If you are thinking that you haven’t fulfilled your dream or there’s something holding you back or you are just looking for some regular motivation, she is definitely worth tuning into.  Here is one of my favourite posts “4 really productive things that really productive people do every day.”
 2. Freebies at Waitrose
Ok so I’ve known about the Waitrose coffee sitch for quite a while now and being a total coffee junkie, I get my fix after my weekly shop for FREE.  By the way, how good to free things taste?  It was only this week, however that I learned about the FREE newspaper.  You have to spend £5 and that includes the cost of the paper, but I think what a great idea.  What about you?  I may be alone in my LOVE of Waitrose freebies as disgruntled customers have been tweetingBit disconcerting seeing people carrying cups of hot coffee around Waitrose whilst they text and push trolleys with their bellies.’ and wrote on Facebook: ‘Please don’t turn into a “soup kitchen” handing out free drinks’ 
3. Lists
My Name is Lisa and I am a List Freak.  I do love a list.  I start every day with one and take great pleasure in ticking off tasks one by one.  Honestly though, getting too bogged down in your list can make you miserable.  Especially if you do not get to tick everything off and you are a perfectionist (who me?).  Mix it up a little and have a list-free day.  It does stop you forgetting things and get your mind focussed.  This Christmas I was delighted to receive a Listography Journal – this one was to write all the things I hope to do in my future life and several other beautiful journals which I know will be put to good use in my coaching.
morning routine4. Red Teapots
I have been on a red teapot quest for a while.  The Universe heard my calls and my long sought after teapot turned up.  The bonus was that with it came it’s friend: a little red jug.  Got to be happy with that.  There’s no better way to start the day with a good brew.  What about you?   Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I lay everything out before I go to bed ready for the morning.

the purpose fairy5. The Purpose Fairy
New to my Facebook stream is this ray of positivity and raw honest wisdom.  The Purpose Fairy whose real name is Luminita Daniela Saviuas writes fabulous ideas and suggestions about life.  Living the life you love, living life on purpose, how to handle people who stop you living the life you love.  Have a read of her 12 most read articles from 2013 and see what you think.  I find having positivity in my Facebook newsfeed helps a lot when people’s statuses complain or moan about the weather or the traffic or just to generally rant which is fine (I’m guilty too) but a little bit of positivity on Facebook goes a long way
6. E Squared By Pam Grout
It’s a book that was recommended by a friend of mine, this book is a must for cynics and non Law of Attraction believers.  Filled with 9 do-it-yourself experiments and endless stories about how this stuff actually works, it will fill your heart and soul with smiles and hope.  I’ve tried 3 of the experiments so far and I have to admit I was slightly bowled over when a new client rung me less than 24 hours from when I put my request out there. BRILLIANT!
new trainers7. The Gym
It’s new. It’s not a novelty and it is in a bid to shift my 10lb weight gain and to meet new people.  I love meeting new people as you never know where that might lead.  My local gym attracted me with its 150 classes including Zumba (I used to dance and that doesn’t feel like exercise right?!) and yoga.  This year I want to find my inner peace through yoga because for an anxious girl like me, that will work wonders.


8. Banana Bread
Eliminating white refined sugar from my diet is proving to be a tough challenge.  I know it is bad for me as reported by the Daily Mail yesterday.  The cravings are terrible and I’ve turned to my love of dried fruit to take the edge off.  Mango, raisins, cranberries.  Although I’m not quite sure if this is that good for you either….well not in the quantities I’m eating it.  I looked into some alternatives and also baking yummy sweet things that felt like a treat.  My first attempt at Banana bread was not sweet enough and I used this recipe so now I’ve decided to add in some maple syrup, coconut oil instead of olive oil and pecans for crunch. Will let you know how it goes.  How often do you and your family eat sugar?  Do you have any sweet treats that are good for you?
miainthebath9. Baths
In the spirit of looking after my body, I’ve began to take more baths (no I wasn’t soap shy before) instead of showers. A client gave me some gorgeous lemon grass Aromatherapy oil and that is a real treat in a hot bath, with a magazine or my kindle and some chillaxing music.   There is no better feeling than getting out of a relaxing bath into warm snuggly PJs and climbing under the sheets for a big sleep.  I’ve also been recommending it to clients who are about to sit their entrance exams to secondary schools.  We used to share bath water as kids.  One in and one out.  Up to a certain age of course.  When I was a Nanny I used to get the kids to lie back in the water and do a swimming with dolphins visualisation while they floated about with their eyes shut.  Such a good way to find calm before bedtime.
10. My new mantra

what for you will not pass you by

A belief is a thought you keep thinking.  Go that?  So if some of your beliefs or old habits are not serving you, find new ones and repeat them over and over until they become true for you.  I first heard ‘What’s for you will not pass you by’ over Christmas when chatting to Nana Spain.  She is a wise old bird.  Not being rude, she is in her nineties!
This mantra is perfect to help let go of stuff that you over think or try to take control of when actually, it’s completely out of your control.  There is an exercise I do in coaching to allow children to see what they are in control of and what it boils down to is them.  Their reactions, their thoughts, their behaviour.  Being in control or feeling like you are in control is important if you are a worrier or of an anxious disposition.  It’s just an illusion anyway when you think about it because your create your reality with the thoughts you think and you choose those every time.
Now you go!  Put the things you love about your life in the comment box below or come on over to my Facebook page and join in the fun.  Let’s make Feel Good Friday a day for sharing all the good stuff.


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