Want to bridge the gap between you and your teenage children?

‘This is not a hotel’ you find yourself saying.

 ‘You live under my roof, these are my rules.’  Sound familiar? 

Only it feels as if nobody is listening to you, even when you are SHOUTING really loudly.

Teens.  They eat you out of house and home, they sleep a lot, they think wetting their toothbrush and flannel will fool you into thinking they have their personal hygiene under control.  Their music is deafening not to mention full of obscenities and attitude.  Even though they complain they are bored and there’s nothing to do, they stay out all night doing it.

They are untidy.  In fact you’ve noticed the stack of dirty cups in their bedroom is growing penicillin, there are wet towels on the bed and there is a jumble sale of clean (yes you washed and ironed them) and dirty clothes littering the floor.  You are not allowed in, it’s their private space.  ‘Shuttttup and Goooo Away’ have become the extent of their vocabulary.  Anything you say, whether it’s nice or not is met with a grunt or scowl.

If only they would listen

This week I’ve been talking to my friend Mariette Jansen about her lovely son.  She rung me frustrated after taking him to football last Sunday.  Mariette wrote about her experience on her Stress blog and was surprised that making small changes produced a win-win for everybody involved.

From talking, we discovered that love and respect were deeply important to her.  She pointed out that what we don’t have as kids is what we want for our own.  It’s usually what we value the most in life because we know how it feels to be without it

I may be slightly biased, however I think she is such a lovely Mummy.

I’m passionate about making life as pain free as possible for teens.  To find out about a Super Kids workshop near you,  please call me on 07810 540242 or visit my Facebook page.





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