The Simple Life

 “From clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

The recent extreme weather is causing a massive wardrobe malfunction.  Shorts and T-shirt?  Surely I will be needing my winter coat in October?!   Not being one to moan, I converted the challenge into an opportunity to have a sort out.  Obviously after I’d made the most of the sunshine.  It was glorious!

I felt a distinct rush of pleasure as I reorganised my clothes and discovered some forgotten sale purchases lurking under my bed.  Tops and bottoms were colour co-ordinated and put into categories: work and play.  Dry cleaning was sniffed out and anything that had not been worn in a year was put aside for the local charity shop.

Very cleansing this wardrobe busting.  Then it got me thinking – why do I need all of these clothes?

I have so much ‘stuff’

Stuff that just sits in drawers gathering dust and sometimes I have no idea why I bought it in the first place.  I may need it one day.  You know, just in case or somebody might want to borrow it.  Or maybe it’s part of an unmet goal – stair master, new gym outfit, diary.  Any of this starting to sound familiar?  I don’t actually need any of it.

Declutter and create space for the new

The truth is if I hold onto this stuff and don’t clear it away, then I’m not creating space for new things in my life.  I don’t just mean more shoes, clothes and bags.  There are lots of ways to simplify our lives and it isn’t just about decluttering our personal space either.

I’m too busy to simplify

What about our diaries?  Are we spending time doing things and with people that given a choice, we would not?

The Simple Life is sometimes doing what you want to do and being around good people who lift your spirits, love you for who you are and help you along the way.

It’s also about doing them on your time frame and enjoying them.  I’m laughing as I type because I’m always filling my diary up with nonsense.   Then rushing from one thing to another barely stopping to catch my breath and telling everybody ‘I’m sooo busy!’

Live in the now – appreciate this very moment

‘Stop and smell the flowers’ really is a reminder, a message, for each of us, to stop rushing, stop working late, time passes quickly. Stop and enjoy the day, the moment and the minute. Each minute that you miss, is time lost and will not return to you again.  Think wisely how you spend that time and who you want to spend it with.

Are you addicted to virtual noise?

What about virtual noise – Twitter and Facebook?.  Honestly, I’m terrible for wasting hours and hours catching up on other people’s lives.

‘Hello Nosey Girl, you’ve got one here that’s quite busy and full!

Friends with lots of randoms you once went to school with many moons ago and haven’t spoken to for years.  Although now feeling the need to clutter your life full of them and keep telling them every time you go to the toilet (I don’t actually do that!).

What about a spring clean for your mind?

What thoughts are going on up there that are not serving you well or are taking up space that they are not entitled to?

What talents and passions are hiding in there covered in cobwebs, not tapped into – what an absolute waste.

Think about what you are good at, what your strengths are and how you can incorporate this into your daily life.  We are our most happiest when we are in our dreams awake.  I can’t remember who said that one but it is so true.

We can simplify anything that we choose to

Our diet, our health, our bank balance, our time, our communication or easier still, we can do nothing for a simple life.  It’s an art form I’m still mastering.  Makes you think doesn’t it?  We over complicate our lives and fill it with stuff that really isn’t important.

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  1. Lisa, great decluttering stuff there. So true. When we moved house last year I felt really really really bad because of all the stuff we had collected over the years. Now in the process of getting rid of all I don’t need. And that is a lot! Thanks,

    • I know Mariette, the amount of stuff we collect over the years is incredible. The garage at my parents’ house is like the Big Yellow Storage Box: we’ve all left home but left it all for my parents to live with! I’ve found that Ebay and carboot sales are a great way to make money out of all your stuff and then some to charity so it can get more use by somebody else.

  2. Been having a clear out of old paperwork which used to be relevant to my business but had become clutter. Physical space now and let go of old thoughts about business and former image. Love the blog look forward to more!

    best wishes, Alison

    • Thanks Alison. De-cluttering is great for the soul. Thanks for your compliment on the blog. I aim to please and will be in bloggers paradise for a few more days yet! x

  3. Paullette says:

    Lisa, loving the blog and especially this post. Made me think of a bumper sticker on a car which gave me a moment to smile. It read “Live simply so others can simply live”. Personally, it may be better put as “Live simply so you can simply live”.
    Great work Smiley.

  4. Hi Lisa, wonderful blog! I am literally doing a de-clutter at the mo too so it must be that time of the year (this is wk2 – it’s a big one). Loving your tips, feels like your speaking directly to me… I’m so tempted to have a Facebook cull but just can’t quite find the strength!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Alice. I think I’m addicted to Blogging….there will probably be self help support groups for it in the future! ‘Hi I’m Lisa and I’m addicted to Blogging!’ Ah ha – the old Facebook Cull. It’s the same principle as the wardrobe, ‘Have I worn it for a year?’ translates into ‘Have I seen them for a year?’ Nope! Aaaand delete. No guilt just a neat and tidy Facebook page 🙂 Then there’s plan B for when you bump into them again and you launch yourself behind the nearest tree to hide. Eeeeek.

  5. Really enjoyed reading your article Lisa! Here’s another old chestnut “A clean and tidy desk reflects a clean and tidy operation…..” guess the same can be said for your mind huh?! x

    • Thanks Lyndsey. I love your quote too. Oh how true it is about getting your mind in the right place – everything begins with your mind! x

  6. Paula Kemp says:

    Hi Lisa, great blog! I am in desperate need of a declutter and this article has given me the kick up the a**e to get on a do it! Great article.

  7. This article makes me realize that when you declutter your mind, you’re not only doing it for stress management but also you’re tapping your inner self to awaken your hidden talent and passion. Nice article, thanks!

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