Men: Sceptical about life coaching?

Here is some great feedback from a client who is supporting his career change with life coaching:

‘Coaching with Lisa has given my job hunt a breath of fresh air.  Being a typical male, I was of entering the world of life coaching with a certain amount of sceptisim but I have been sold completely.   Lisa takes your concerns away from your family and she gets your life into gear.

No time for excuses with Lisa, but no need for excuses as she keeps things moving along at a brisk pace. Lisa gets you working hard but keeps it fun and supports you all the way.   I would recomend life coaching and Lisa in particular…even for sceptical blokes.’

How this client turned his passion into a business

When you do something you love, it’s fuelled with passion and there is no stop in you! This client is proof of that.

We spent a lot of our sessions talking about chillis and cooking.  He had so much passion for food, Australia and particularly chillis.  He grows them in his own greenhouse and uses them for cooking at home.  After much soul searching, the two fitted quite nicely together and this dream has now become realiaty as he operates a part-time business selling his yummy chilli jam (I’ve tasted it and it’s great).  His first customers are  sandwich shops in the city where he works and a local butcher.

This is what happened next – a real motivating outcome

‘ I’ve been given the all clear from the food lab and my labels are all artworked and printed.  I have 4 products now: chilli relish, chilli sauce, extra hot chilli sauce and chilli ketchup.  All have been entered into the Good Food awards so we will see.  I’m also talking to buyers at Fortnum and Mason so who knows?  I’ve been featured in the Evening Standard already.’

I’m so excited for this client because it’s what he is and what he wants to do.  That’s what makes life fun. 

Don’t let life pass you by and wish and wait and want.  This client went out there and found it.  He works hard and he believes.  You can too.

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  1. Having worked in a school that has had a Life Coaching programme delivered over a 10 week period with young children, I would say that it isn’t just men who are scpetical. Opening people’s eyes to amazing opportunities such as life coaching is really hard but providing the knowledge is half the battle as once people know how it can help support them or their children then the journey can start. In this instance ignorance isn’t bliss!

    • Thanks Nikki – that’s definitely music to my ears. Not many people know that – the benefits of life coaching I mean. I guess it’s a see it to believe it thing. Although the benefits are not tangible, it’s about experiencing them. Maybe I should do more taster sessions to allow people to do this? Thanks you’ve given me an idea 🙂

      Ignorance is bliss until it gets to the point where is hurting you so much, you have to do something about it. I think some people don’t want to have their eyes opened (even if we give them matchsticks to help). I know I always say this but ‘What you resist persists’ and it’s so true. Anyway, I shall get off my soapbox now and do some work.

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