Give Your Kids Confidence

I’m still on a massive high this week after my debut at Make Me’s gorgeous studio at The Medicine Garden.

Super Kids takes off for Summer

On Monday, I coached 7 Super Kids and watched them get creative, run around playing games in the beautiful sunshine, listen to music and enjoy the simplicity of chatting to each other as they made friends and learnt new things about themselves.  What a wonderful day!

‘Fun – Creative – Worth it – Glad I Came!’

That’s how the kids described it.  In 2½ hours, we learnt what self confidence was and how it really is something we can learn.  We discovered how confident people walk, talk and think and how powerful our smile can be.  We learnt what situations, people and places make us feel confident and what ones make us feel  unsure of ourselves.

We also decorated our work books to express who we are and know that we are really proud of that.  Check out our handy work and see what you think……..

Confidence is a choice and we are in control

We can choose to be confident every day and if we don’t know how to be, then we can learn.  We used muscle testing to find out how our thoughts had a direct impact on the way we feel and behave.  When we were sad – we listened to sad music and thought sad thoughts, we noticed our bodies became weak and limp.  When we were happy and confident, our bodies became big and strong.  We tested this out to music and smiling.  It’s suprising how a smile or a happy song can lift your mood 🙂


Confident people know what you focus your attention on grows!

We then began to think about all the things we loved about our lives and how lucky we are to have them.   Being grateful for what we have and not wanting more will stop us from feeling disappointed when we don’t get it.  Look at our gratitude stones, they are simply gorgeous!  We decorated them with what we are thankful for and will use them when we are feeling fed up or when life doesn’t go our way.  There is always something to be thankful for.



Everybody has something they are good at

and when you find it – POW!  One little girl arrived clinging onto her Mum and left by giving me a big hug.  She came alive when we put the music on and let go of her shyness and started to sing and dance.  Everybody has something they are good at and when you find it, it increases your confidence.  It’s quite remarkable to see how a couple of hours doing simple and fun activities can bring children out of themselves.

Another little girl discovered how she was frightened of being rejected by other children when she was looking for friends in the playground.  So we taught her how to wear a special power suit full of light and energy that protected her from the ‘nos’ or mean words of others.

You can see more photos from the day here

Don’t miss out – more workshops coming soon

Make Me workshops were so delighted with the feedback, that they’ve agreed to have me back again on 31st August and in the Autumn Half Term. To book your child’s place online, simply click here

This would be a great workshop for your child if:-

  • They are making the leap from junior to big school
  • They are prone to negative thinking or ‘glass half empty’ syndrome
  • They avoid doing the things that they are afraid of or they feel they are not very good at
Come and join us or get in touch if you want to find out more.  I’d love to hear from you.





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