Have you heard about these Blogtastic Birds? Business Women of Opinion

Created by Sarah Arrow in 2010, Birds on the Blog was listed by Forbes amongst the top 100 blogs for women worldwide  (and it’s the only UK based blog to make that list).  That’s a pretty huge accolade to hang your hat on.

An untapped niche market for business birds

Sarah started Birds on the Blog  as she had cleverly identified that most online publications are written for high-flying corporate women (probably the type that wear 80’s-style suits with shoulder pads).  When really a lot of successful business are now run from home and for women that can mean juggling other roles and responsibilities – like being a Mum or Domesticated Goddess.

I don’t just love Birds on the Blog because it was created by Sarah (and she was my gateway to a whole new world and way of doing business).  Sarah set up my blog and coached me through what can only be described as an incredibly exciting journey.  That’s mostly because blogging is highly addictive and fun and not forgetting (and I don’t want my ego to sound overinflated here) it feels great to have a voice.  One that is heard.  Enough about my issues!!

Nor do I love Birds on the Blog because I recently got a mention in 101 wonderful women bloggers for 2012 and Twelve Days of Christmas Birds on the Blog

No, no no.  Although that has all been totally amazing!

I love Birds on the Blog because they actively encourage women to talk!

Everything you could possibly want to know, read, be entertained or inspired by, rant about, hear about or smile for.  A group of diverse Birds – that’s successful women in business to me and you, who have something to say.  Something valid and interesting I might add.  They don’t just want a captive audience to talk to either, they want you to join in and have your say.  Boys did you hear that?  They actively encourage talking.  Women talking – how fabulous!  It’s what we do very very well 🙂  Being a chatty bird myself who gets told quite a lot she is opinionated. Usually subsequently followed by a ‘Pssssssssccccccht!’ A website like this is what I could only dream of.

This talented gutsy bunch who stake their claim on the word ‘Birds’

They say ‘We are taking the word back: No longer is ‘bird’ a patronising way to describe a woman. It describes us women bloggers and tweeters – you see, we are all on twitter – sharing and building relationships, growing our business. The chances are you came to read this blog via another social media platform – such as Twitter or Facebook and we hope you’ll leave having shared some of our content that has made you smile, laugh or inspired you some way.’

How you can get involved in Birds on the Blog

1.  Leave your comments on the blog posts you read

2.  Return regularly and bring your friends, too – they post out new material 2 or 3 times a day

3.  Sign up to their monthly newsletter

4.  Make suggestions or have ideas for future features

Hope to see you there soon or if not starting up a blog of your very own.  It’s great.  Go on try it.  You won’t know until you try!


  1. I’m cringing behind my laptop screen, I didn’t realise we’d taken back the word ‘Birds’, but I’m very proud to be one! And I love talking, isn’t that just the best 🙂
    Jackie Walker recently posted..Hogmanay BletherMy Profile

  2. Don’t cringe! Be proud! Very proud! For sure talking is definitely one of my favourite ways to pass the time………..as well as blogging. Oh and eating, but maybe not so much after Christmas over indulgence. Thanks for your comment
    Lisa recently posted..Have you heard about these Blogtastic Birds? Business Women of OpinionMy Profile

  3. Jane Hatton says:

    Thank you Lisa! As one of the original birds, and still piping up from time to time, I’m thrilled to be a part of it. I’m so glad you enjoy reading, and thank you for the mention on your blog!

  4. Thank you for writing a post I would have liked to have written about a great group of women.
    Lisa Attias recently posted..Mezze feast in Nazareth (1)My Profile

  5. Hi Lisa, great post as always! and thank you for opening my world to “The Birds” and blogging, just like you I have only started blogging (and certainly not up to your level yet, but hopefully getting there), but by following you and the Blog-tastic Birds I have learnt so much in a short space of time.

    Congratulations on being in the 101 list. Happy new year.

    Paula x
    Paula Kemp recently posted..Pregnancy and Post Natal MassageMy Profile

  6. It’s great blogging isn’t it? I’ll have to check out your blog as I’ve not been there yet Paula. Thanks for stopping by and commenting x
    Lisa recently posted..Have you heard about these Blogtastic Birds? Business Women of OpinionMy Profile

  7. Thanks for a great Blog Lisa. You are amazing with your interesting posts – I always enjoy them. Really interested in Birds on the Blog as new to blogging so up for some help and handy tips!
    Stacey McIntyre recently posted..A miraculous transformation!My Profile

  8. Thanks Stace – that’s jolly kind and decent of you to say so. We aim to please! Sarah Arrow’s website is also great for blogging tips http://www.saraharrow.co.uk. I’ve just seen the title of your latest post and I’m off to have a read…sounds intriguing!
    Lisa recently posted..Introducing Stressbusters-4-Teens – helping families deal with the growing pains of growing up!My Profile

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