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Connection is like giving your child a permanent invisible hug that holds them and loves them even when you are not there. When you take small steps to connect with your child every day, they become full of love and happiness. When your child is loved up, they feel good about themselves and they respond more positively to the world around them (including discipline and learning).

Unconditional love is what we get from our pets. Have you ever noticed how they love us regardless of what we do, say and who we are? That love supports us and strengthens us to understand and believe in ourselves. It helps us to feel safe and secure. That love knows that in spite of our dark side (yes we all have one), we are OK. Knowing that you are OK, gives you self-esteem. Having self- esteem means that you are secure in your worth and you know that you matter. This is a solid foundation to grow from and a passport to happiness in later life.

“Unconditionality…a solid core of belief in yourself, an abiding sense that you’re competent and worthwhile–even when you screw up or fall short–that creates a more stable form of self-esteem, which, in turn, carries a range of psychological and social advantages.” – Alfie Kohn

I know you love your child without doubt. I know you would move mountains to ensure they were happy morning noon and night. The thing is you don’t have to move mountains and you don’t need to be running yourself ragged morning, noon and night. You just need to love them………. more.