How do I know if my child needs coaching?

Coaching is for everybody: sprinkle that stuff everywhere! If you are modern day parent who wants the best for your child, then you will know that we could all benefit from coaching. Coaching can help us to have:-

  • a good sense of self and an awareness of our thoughts and emotions
  • a reliable and trusted support network outside of your family
  • somebody who is non-judgemental
  • somebody who is emotionally detached from your situation
  • a tool kit of useful and easy techniques to help make you more resilient to life
  • have a stronger and healthier  connection with your children and the people we love

For parents, I think it’s unrealistic to try being all things to your children.  That’s why I wrote a blog post bout it here.  In fact it’s exhaustingly impossible and good to give yourself a break once in a while.  Perhaps if you are sick of sounding like a stuck record, it’s time to let somebody else take over the reigns for a while and lighten the load.

When we know who we are and what we want, we are solid in our foundations. That makes dealing with life’s little hiccups a great deal easier.

My role is to add to the life skills your friends and families have already given to your child – because sometimes we don’t always listen to the people we love when they are trying to help us.  Some of the things I’ve helped children as young as 7 cope with are:-

  • perfectionism
  • decision making
  • friendship conflicts
  • bullying
  • romance
  • sibling rivalry
  • meeting new people
  • ‘butterfly brain’ (anxiety provoking thinking, over thinking and worrying)
  • getting organised and being on time
  • facing fears and finding coping strategies for dealing with them
  • deal with times when live is more stressful e.g. changing schools, sitting exams or handling important changes within family life

You can find out more about Child Coaching and Child Coaching PLUS in FAQs and fees