5 Simple Ways to Help Your Child Like What She Sees in the Mirror

from a distance b_w mirror on wall

"High self esteem is our passport to happiness in adult life." ~ Smiley Coach Lisa Parkes How we see ourselves pretty much influences our whole lives: our relationships & how we treat other people our emotional well-being our mental … [Read more...]

Warning: 10 ways a mother’s love can damage a child


A mother's love is like no other. Isn't that what they say? Nobody will love you quite like your mother does. She is your first attachment; a sacred and special bond that is brimming with love.  Sadly, it isn't the case for everybody.  If your … [Read more...]

10 Top Tips to Help Cure Your Child’s Friendship Hiccups


This is one of the most common reasons children come to coaching:- They don't have enough friends They don't make friends easily They are shy in social situations and avoid them They don't have enough of the right type of friends They are … [Read more...]

How to make your child feel special with just 3 magic words


      Leave that alone!              Stop doing that!                      No you can’t!                             Put that down!                                 Listen to me! 3 Magic words?  Nope, none of the above.  Nothing magical about … [Read more...]