Every Child’s Daily Struggle That Parents Need to Know 


If I told you that your child's daily struggle was to win your love and approval, would you think differently? Would it make you think differently about your relationship with them? What if I told you  that it's not a conscious struggle but … [Read more...]

20 Important Facts I Wish I Had Known Growing Up

Pick My Brain

I’ve just finished reading Twelve Life Lessons by the totally marvellous, down to earth and very clever Kate Spencer. I couldn’t put it down. Seriously, I demolished it in 2 days flat. Oh how times have changed when the new going out  is staying up … [Read more...]

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a calm, happy Mummy!

lisa as santa

Dear Santa, Please can you help me? Sometimes I get mad or I don't do as I'm told. It's so hard when Mummy says:'NO'. I feel really horrible inside. I don't know why. Whatever it is makes Mummy mad too. I tend to shout and scream. Then Mummy does … [Read more...]

Do You Know How To Raise A Confident Child?


During the school holidays (except Christmas as there is too much going on), you'll find Smiley at beautiful Medicine Garden. I LOVE this place. It has such a peaceful vibe and has definitely been cultivated with families in mind. The play area, the … [Read more...]