Mums Are Top People So Why Are They The Last In Line?

Proud Mom as Super Mother on Green Screen

This week has been a sad one with one of my teen clients lost his Mum to the cancer she had been fighting since January. I've also been coaching two young boys whose Mums are being treated for breast cancer. I cannot begin to tell you how working … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Help Your Child Quickly Solve Their Own Problems


I am one lucky lady. I have a job that doesn't feel like work. I'm not showing off but I'm proud because very few people can say they love what they do. You will understand when you've read this post; a  fly on-the-wall sneak peek inside Smiley’s … [Read more...]

Do You Know How To Banish Back to School Blues for Good?


September.  Autumn Term. Goodbye Summer Fun. Old familiar routine that we've missed or new unknown chapter that makes us wobble?  Yikes! It hasn't happened yet and we don't know what it will look like Change is unknown and scary if we don't … [Read more...]

Why No is Not a Dirty Word

toomuch love won't spoil a child

I don't think anybody really likes to hear the word 'no'. Even as an adult, I struggle whilst standing at the fridge taking huge bites off a tasty lump of cheddar. Cheese cravings are lack of love remember?! Anyway, this is not about my Secret Single … [Read more...]