How To Have The Courage To Be A Good Enough Parent

parenting is out most wildest adventure

This week in coaching we have been using Kris Carr's fabulous and inspirational love notes. 52 gentle powerful messages written on colour rich illustrations drawn by artist Lori Portka. Beautiful reminders of how we can love and appreciate … [Read more...]

What’s Your Likeability Rating?


Do you need people to like you? Are you looking for approval in all the wrong places? Do you feel like you have to modify your behaviour in certain situations? Do you avoid conflict? Do you mask up in the company of certain folk? That’s … [Read more...]

Does Your Child Have Nature Deficit Disorder?


Once upon a time in a land not so far away, my sisters and I spent our days running through the sprinkler in the garden, turning cartwheels on the lawn or racing around our block on our bikes. After each circuit we would throw our bikes down on the … [Read more...]

Are You Asking Too Much of Your Child?

you are your child's mirror

At my weekly supervisory session, my therapist asked, 'Don't you think that's a big ask of your clients if you struggle to do it yourself?' She was referring to my affirmation work. I've recently finished spraying an old mirror I found lurking in my … [Read more...]