Is Your Diet As Healthy As You Think It Is?

Is your diet as healthy as you think it is?

Lots of food has hidden ingredients

Last week, I was invited chez Leonie Wright to enjoy a 4-course supper of deliciousness. Intrigued by a talk I‘d heard Leonie give at Ladies at 11 Surbiton, I promptly booked myself a place at her dinner table in Leatherhead for one of her ‘Healthy Eating Dinners’.

What a wonderful evening! Not only because Leonie is a friendly, warm and clever Dutch lady who knows her stuff (she’s even appeared in Woman’s Weekly!). Leonie is in fact the nutritional coach ‘Eat Wright’; a healthy eating programme that helps you to eat healthy and be healthy.

Stunned and amazed by the amount of hidden nasties in our food

I was stunned by how much of my healthy eating regime was unhealthy.  Take my breakfast cereal, a well-known brand full of fibre and morning goodness, it’s full of hidden sugar. Unbeknown to me, that morning goodness was spiking my sugar levels off the Richter scale and bringing on hunger pangs before my 11 am visit to the biscuit tin.

You think you are being virtuous, but NO NO NO

Apparently, the sweetener in my tea is worse than sugar and my body is not built to break down the lactose in cow’s milk – maybe I will try Soya or rice milk after all. The low fat organic yogurt that I snack on is full of sugar. Cereal bars for snacking – more sugary than Alan Sugar from Sugarsville. My body would be happier with a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit. And my favourite: I’m allowed real butter on my toast instead of marge just less of it. Bonus! You can’t beat hot buttery toast I’m coming around to the idea of spelt or rye bread.

An educational evening with all the yummy delights even a true foodie couldn’t knock

I learnt all this extremely life changing information whilst nibbling on some very exquisite pre-dinner canapes. Blinis topped with smoked salmon, whitebait in garlic vinegar, olives from the delectable Medicine Garden and crudites with a hummus dip. Being a complete foodie I was slightly suspicious that cottage cheese and it’s low fat loveliness could be transformed into a healthy dip with some additional herbs, garlic and lemon juice. Seriously more-ish and I’d imagine stays with you the following day -:)

Eat as close to nature as you can and all the colours of the rainbow

Myself and the other 4 guests were full of questions after Leonie had scarily revealed the damage we were doing to our bodies. So we moved through to the dining room where colourful banquet of yumminess was waiting. We begun with mushroom soup served with spelt bread and then moved onto lamb ragu, wholemeal rice, peppers and green beans. Almost getting a Christmas Day tummy, I forced myself for some fruit crumble with Quark and ewe’s cheese.

My overall memory of that evening is that I left with a full tummy, some new friends, a re-educated brain and a real desire to treat my body a lot better than ever before. Now that in itself is a bit of a revelation.

You can find out more about Leonie’s Healthy Eating Dinner parties by visiting her website or maybe even arrange to have one for you and your friends as a social get together. I promise you won’t be disappointed.








  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for this review of the evening you had with me. I am so, so pleased that you learned so much about what is good for you and what isn’t.
    Yes, there are lots of hidden sugars, bad fats and toxic salt in the foods we eat and they all damage our health unbeknown to us. We believe what it says on the packed but not any more!
    I am glad that I have opened your eyes to make the (w) right choices in the foods you eat.
    Thank you

  2. It is amazing how much sugar is in products and we are all led to believe that low fat is good for us, but how wrong we are! Will definitely be checking out Leonie’s healthy eating dinners – Thanks for sharing x
    Paula Kemp recently posted..Benefits of Regular MassageMy Profile

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