Calling all SuperMums! Looking for something different to keep your little darlings amused in half term?

Do you feel like a broken record?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if they would do it your way?  It can be flipping exhausting to keep repeating yourself all day long and frustrating when you feel as if nobody is listening.

Feeling as if you are split into a million pieces?

Super Mum, domesticated goddess, taxi driver, dishwasher, entertainer, cook, maid, housekeeper, dog walker, yummy mummy, gorgeous wife, business woman extraordinaire?  It’s exhausting being all things to all people and quite frankly impossible.  Nobody can be all things to all people.  If you keep trying, you might end up looking like this.

Super Kids is here to help you out!

Drop your kids off at Weybridge Hall on Thursday 16th February for my new Super Kids (hopefully the first of many).  Fun, creative workshops for 8-15 year olds that stimulate, motivate and create positivity.  Not to mention 3 hours peace and quiet for you.  Yes a whole 3 hours!

Give your kids skills for living that will help make life easier

As founder of Coaching Club, I’ve discovered a unique and subtle way to give your kids skills for living that will help make life easier.  Tools that maybe as adults we take for granted like:

  • decision making
  • self discovery
  • handling conflict
  • understanding values
  • gratitude – how to love life
  • postive thinking
  • assertiveness & confident body language
  • saying no & setting boundaries

This is achieved through creativity, group discussion, role play, exercises, music interpretation and all in a fun and safe envrionment.

Sometimes we are too close to get through to the people we love!

Sometimes we don’t hear what the peole we love are saying to us.  How many times do you feel like a stuck record?  Give your voice a rest for a while and let somebody else take over.  Click here to read what other people are saying about it.




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