Bare Faced Beauty experience – the perfect gift for your teenage daughter!

How to transform an ordinary day into an exciting adventure

I had such a lovely time on Sunday with Lucie; 15 year old big sister who loves cooking, art and horse riding.  She was our lucky winner of the competition we run last year to win this fabulous photo shoot and coaching package.

Picture the scene:  Sunday morning at Woody’s in Kingston – a charming homely bar by the river described as ‘an extension of your living room. ‘ Then take a young girl, some feel-good coaching, laughter and mix it up with a fun out-doors photo shoot and there you have it!  A fabulous ‘Bare Faced Beauty’ experience that you’ll be able to relive for a lifetime.

What struck me initially about Lucie was her gorgeous hair

When Lucie smiled I noticed a cute freckle on her lip (which later she admitted she wasn’t so keen on!)  Well, it didn’t do Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe any harm did it?  Besides, freckles are cute.  Maybe that’s because I’m covered in them!  With Lucie still smiling and saying how she was looking forward to our time together, we settled into our coaching session.

Lucie described the coaching part as ‘just chatting and normal’

How lovely that she felt very relaxed and comfortable enough share stories about her life.  I felt very privileged.  We used PowerThought cards to form the basis of our discussion.  I love them and they are full of positive affirmations about life.

Lucie got right into it and the time flew by as we laughed and joked about Amy Childs , One Direction and of course her love of fashion and shopping.  I’m so glad I’ve shopped at Jack Wills and not only Primark. 

We also talked about more serious subjects like family, homework, friends and school life. We discussed strategies together of how we could overcome some of the things Lucie found a bit trickier to handle. She was so positive and open minded.

The coaching helped with the photo shoot and how to cope with home and school stuff – Lucie, aged 15

Then onto the fun part being a super model for Eddie Judd, who is a master of capturing the moment. Cue heavy riverside breeze to create an automatic wind machine!  With Lucie’s mane of hair swept over to one side and an array of poses, Lucie was every bit a natural beauty.  Laughing, chatting, finding her mojo in front of the camera.  She really enjoyed herself!

Eddie was fabulous at making Lucie feel at ease, teaching her smiling from the inside instead of cheesy grins. All girls together having a good old giggle and chewing the fat of life.Eddie said ”I loved photographing Lucie, especially after I discovered that she loves photography herself, a love she has inherited from her grandfather! She was relaxed and trusted me in my guidance which meant she was the dream model!’

‘I really liked the photo shoot – it was fun and think my friends will like it too!’

Eddie was also great at finding the right spots for perfect pics.  I particuarly like the iconic mosaic artwork which is now a community project for teens to repair, and this fabulous portable reflection gadget that got the light dancing across Lucie’s face.

We’ll let you be the judge of how magical Lucie was on camera



You can also see more pictures if you visit Eddie’s blog here

We think she is a real natural.  If you think your teenage daughter would enjoy a Bare Faced Beauty Experience, you can buy a voucher from me or Eddie.  Prices start from £150Give one of us a shout and we’ll sort it out 🙂


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