A whole extra hour as the clocks go back Sunday; it’s your time – spend it wisely

Sadly folks, British Summer Time has come to an end.  Really?  I’m not sure it even started!  As the clocks go back this weekend and you get an extra hour added to your life, how will you choose to spend it?

As a rusher and fast forwarded of life, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to make the most of this beautiful gift and find ways to spend my time wisely.  Switch off your mobile phone, unplug your laptop, send your kids to the in-laws, forget the washing and ironing and your never-ending to- do list.

Are you wise with your time?

Who wants to spend their time wisely and make the most of that precious hour?  Are you in?  Or are you out?  Come on it’s your life and it’s ticking by.  If you’re in, then please join me.   I’ve come up with some of the best ways to spend your extra hour:

Relaxing – you deserve it after the week you’ve had!

  1. Have an extra hour’s sleep.  I think that’s the most obvious choice for us rushing fast forwarders.  Getting enough sleep is vital to ensure you are firing on all cylinders.
  2. How about trying some meditation. Find a quiet space and focus on your breathing is all that is required.  Listen to how powerfully effective meditation can be in terms of relaxing, calmness, balance and healing benefits.  Meditation is definitely minimum effort and maximum affect.
  3. Read the Sunday papers or pick up that book you started on holiday and never got around to finishing.  Not only does reading exercise your mind and focus your attention, it is also a form of escapism that helps your switch off and wind down.
  4. Take a hot bath and chuck in some aromatherapy oils or salts to help sooth your aches and pains.  Float away with some relaxing music and let the world outside carry on without you.  It can!  And believe me, it will!

Connect with the people you love the most

  1. Find time for your friends.  Personal connections are so important and making even a little time to be with people who smile, can keep you happy.  All relationships need nurturing in order to flourish and sharing a chat and a cuppa with a valued friend will boost your mood.  This does not include communicating by Facebook
  2. Do it! Numerous studies show that a healthy sexual intimacy with a caring partner can have tremendous physical and emotional benefits.  So get naked and burn off your calories from last night’s X Factor take away and wine.
  3. Hug somebody.  Hugging releases chemicals and it’s free!  According to family therapist, Virginia Satir, ‘we need 4 hugs a day for survival.  We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance and we need 12 hugs a day for growth.’  Reach out and give somebody a big hug.
  4. Laugh.  Laugh out loud.  Keep laughing.  Don’t stop!  See, you feel better already!
  5. Cook.  There’s nothing better than getting good fresh ingredients and rustling up a tasty meal to share with your friends and family. It taps into your creativity, it’s a great way to de-stress, not to mention bond with your nearest and dearest.  Cooking requires a bit of effort (come on you can do it, you’ve got an extra hour) and so if the family do it together, it’s more likely to be a total success.  Family mealtimes can be fun if you let them.

Get busy doing something that makes you feel alive

  1. Go for a walk .  As it gets colder it can sometimes be tempting to curl up, do nothing and lie on the sofa eating your way through the contents of the biscuit tin.  However, to stop Winter blues from setting in, it’s important to keep activity levels up for a natural high.  Being outside and connecting with nature is a grounding, peaceful and will do you the world of good.  A change of scenery and fresh air as well as letting your body see the sun (if there is any) will lift you.
  2. Shake, shimmy and throw some shapes around the place or maybe try a bit of Nia or Zumba to feel totally fantastic.  Pump out those tunes from the stereo and dance your cares away.  Look out Brucy, ‘Strictly’ has nothing on you!
  3. Blog about something you are passionate about or just get it off your chest.  It’s much better out than in.

How do you plan to spend your extra hour this weekend?

Share your ideas here.  I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. It’s utter freedom, isn’t it? An l hour.
    I’m going to do something to do with colour, I think. I get a lot of energy when I let myself go over the top with this. I fill the house with leaves, flowers.. something from outside, and then paint with watercolours. Or I cook because that uses several of the senses at once. Or I look at paintings by Chagall.
    Whenever I give myself space from thinking and work obligations I lose myself in the world of colour.

  2. I will sleep in that hour and that sleep will be more special than all the sleep preceding it because it’s so rare 🙂

    I will consider your get naked option, if Robbie Williams is about to indulge me 😉
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..5 things I’ve learned from coaching bloggingMy Profile

  3. I am going to give myself the time to BE and HUG. Who knows what comes from that? But I will certainly enjoy that extra bit of peace that comes with that extra hour. I won’t do what I did last year, when I forgot about it and the whole family turned up in miserable weather at the side of the football pitch for the match that was going to start in an hour. GRIM. Thanks to your reminder, it will not happen this year.
    mariette recently posted..Do you know how many colours there are in your rainbow?My Profile

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