A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way!

So Mary Poppins once sung to us in her practically perfect way.

I’m sure if you are the Mum of a teen, it would be safe to say that there is something distinctly lacking from the phrase practically perfect (nothing ever is so please don’t worry).  I’m also 100% certain that it’s actually a few glasses of Pinot Grigio and not a few spoonfuls of sugar that would release you from the moods of your hormonal grunting, moody, forever-sleepy teen that was once was a carefree happy bundle of fun.

The Medicine Garden, Cobham IS the perfect alternative

After the half term Super Kids experience, I found a much more suitable venue for parents and teens alike.  The Medicine Garden is a beautifully restored walled kitchen garden – a place where you can relax, nurture yourself and enjoy some of life’s “good medicine”. It opened in June 2010 and within it’s beautiful grounds can be found The LarderTreatment Room, The Garden Shop, The Hot House Cafe and a whole host of other fun activities for families to enjoy and experience together.  They even have a chicken called Gladys!


I’ve booked the gorgeous Make Me studio for the next Super Kids

Starting on Sunday 25th March kids aged 12-15 years old are welcome to come and join us for a series of fun & creative workshops using tried & tested life coaching techniques that allow kids to explore and discover more about themselves and the world they live in.  It’s just £90 for six sessions (that’s £18 per session with one FREE)

Super Kids Workshops – skills for living to make growing up that little bit easier!

  • role play
  • music interpretation
  • games
  • creative writing
  • crafts
  • exercises
  • group discussion

 Super kids is a unique experience that your kids will be proud to be part of!

‘I wanted to let you know that my boys loved the time they spent with you and they loved you! They really enjoyed creating their ‘happy’ posters and have stuck them up in their rooms.  I think they got a real sense of pride and achievement from the activities you led them through.  In fact, they enjoyed it so much they want to come on another one (they usually resist any holiday activities) so that’s got to be a huge thumbs up! Thanks again’

And to celebrate this, we’ve created a new Super Kids logo.  Check it out for yourself!

Super Kids members will receive a membership card, badge, pen & folder to store away all their discoveries and creative masterpieces.  As well as set of hand out notes as a friendly reminder for each session.

Areas of discovery for Super Kids will be primarily driven by its members, however we hope to cover values, decision making, self confidence, self belief, body language, positive thinking, facing fears, dreams, passions and anything else that comes up for us!

With only 10 members, places for Super Kids are limited so please book by clicking  here or contact Lisa on 07810 540242

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