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Every time I meet somebody new and they ask me what I do, I pause before answer.  I think I pause because I’m unsure my new friend will know what a Life Coach is.  Surprisingly enough, most people I meet are quite fascinated by life’s weird and wonderful ways.  Like attracts like you see!  So conversations are never ever dull.

An insight into the colourful world that has become my working life

  • Imagine waking up every day doing something you love
  • It doesn’t feel like work
  • It’s never a struggle or a chore
  • It’s great for your self development (pushes you right outside of your comfort zone), no day is ever the same and it gives you the freedom of being your own boss

Although, to be honest, I’m never quite sure people get what it is exactly that I do. It’s not a straight forward concept to explain.  I’ve chosen to share with you some of today’s highlights:

07:00 I’m definitely more creative at this time of day.

Not so chatty (really?!) but more creative.  A strong cup of tea helps me wake up and gently welcomes me to the Zone of Blog.  The caffeine ignites my brain after a late night on YouTube downloading inspirational clips for my Coaching Club teens.  ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson repeats on a loop in my head and inspires Bo Selecta style warbling….’make that change…Char’mone – oooh!’

08:00 I’m done and uploading my finished article to my Facebook page.  It’s a  quick and painless process as I’ve already jotted down a list of Blog topics I’m itching to shout about.  If there’s anything you’d like me to blog about, you can contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

09:00 3 cups of tea and dressed.  A bowl of granola fuels my brain for the busy schedule that lies ahead.  I have a new client coming for a 2 hour discovery session.  I gather together paperwork and prepare my coaching room ready for its new  visitor.  A haven of candles, comfy cushions and self help books, my coaching room looks out onto our beautiful garden.  Although the view is somewhat shadowed by this morning’s drizzly, grey skies.

09:30  The doorbell rings.  I greet my new client with a warm smile.  I’m afraid at this point, my diary goes offline.  I can’t write too much about my clients here as I have strong codes of ethics.  When people reveal parts of their  precious lives with me, I feel compelled to respect and protect their privacy. I can report that the session is productive, open and honest.  Full of chatting, laughter, questioning, reviewing, prioritising and planning.   My client leaves looking more relaxed and calmer than when she arrived.

11:00:  I’ve finished writing up my new client’s notes and sending a confirmation email of tasks to complete before the next time.  What a lovely lady.  I also notice my inbox has lots of unopened messages from another client giving me a progress report on his goals for the week. Puts a smile on my face as I write back to congratulate his success.  I catch up with emails and telephone calls.

Aaaah warm and fuzzy – this job has moments like this aplenty

12:30  Whilst savouring my cheese and pickle sandwich, I notice my new client from this morning has emailed to tell me that Life Coaching is wonderful and how excited she is about starting out on this new journey.

13:30  I load up my car with materials and notes for Coaching Club and make my way around the M4 to Great Marlow School for an hour of fun and frustration with 12 shy and self conscious teenagers.  Today’s session is all about making small changes in your life that make a big difference to the world.  I put a bit of Michael Jackson on  in the car to get me in the mood

‘That’s Why I’m Starting With Me…I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror (Ooh!), I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways (Oooh!)…..Charmone!’

15:00  The room is ready for when the end of school bell rings.  A score chart with names and points sits at the front of the classroom.  The highest scorer after the 10 week programme will win a £10 Amazon voucher. It seems to be very motivational for them, especially the boys.  ‘

Write your name on a sticker’ I yell as they enter the room.  ‘Hurry up we’ve got lots to do today and I want to get cracking.’

I share my sweets to appeal to their better nature.  I’m not sure I’m meant affect their sugar levels with bribes but they are delighted with my treats.  And that is the main thing!

16:00  I pack up the room and punch the air.  I cannot believe that I have just witnessed three 12 year old boys on their feet in the classroom dancing to Michael Jackson.  ‘Make that Change, Oooh’ they sung as they formed a Mexican wave and laughed out loud.  Such a transformation as 3 weeks ago, they didn’t want to be there.  Who said these kids were low on self confidence?  Their insights into my spiritual rap bowled me over as we listened to the story of Ghandi and how he inspired others to ‘Be the change they want to be in the world’.

One lad said that he liked being one of God’s children as it made him feel looked after and protected.  Ah, it’s not only kids that like to feel that way.  They thought Gandhi was a cool dude and said that it was easy to make changes to be more like him.  So we agreed on that as homework for this week.  To be kinder, more honest, more respectful, calmer and to stand up for ourselves.  This is the world they want to create.  So now we can take steps to help them create it.

16:10  I make my way through the traffic treacle of the M25 whilst enjoying flashbacks of happy Coaching Clubbers busting their moves to Michael Jackson.  Oh their little smiley faces!  I got them to Mexican Wave!!!

18:00  I arrive at Champney’s City Spa in Guildford High Street

An evening of pamperage with my Ladies at 11  networking friends.  Well they had become friends by the end of the evening.  Another Life Coach who works with children and I set up a coffee to pool our ideas.  It didn’t feel like business chatting over a glass of wine and having our feet nibbled by tickly fish.

 20:00  A mini facial and a massage later, I hop in the car to return home.  I feel absolutely shattered and starving hungry, but my mind is full of the day’s events.   I’m so proud of my teens group, they are getting there.  I love to see their little faces light up when they have moments of realisation.

I’m chuffed I have happy clients who are committed to creating a life they want (not one that somebody else has chosen)

I’m also composing emails and ideas to all the new ladies I met at Champney’s this evening.  My brain doesn’t appear to have a stop button.  Maybe a little meditation and Reiki before bedtime will help there

Night All.  I hope you enjoyed sharing my day with me!



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