Goals are not just something that David Beckham scores! How you can be a top scorer in 2014

Have you seen him by the way in the H&M advert?  Simply divine and worth a sneaky peak!  Anyway sorry to burst your bubble, however back to goals.  I had to chose something sumptuous that would catch your eye.

  • Do you find that New Year’s come with big dollop of anticipation and high expectations?
  • How is your 2013 shaping up so far?
  • Did it come with promises of change or did you set yourself some goals?        

Goals are more specific than New Year’s resolutions!

If you know what you really really want, then that’s a good place to start!  All life coaching begins with goals.  You know like the SMART  goals you set at your appraisal.  That’s:

S for Specific

M for Measurable

A for Achievable

R for realistic

T for timely

If Smart Goal Setting is the way you want to set your goals then click here for a more detailed guide.  Maybe you are a little more open minded and relaxed in your approach to goals setting.  If this is you, then try this  instead.

Closer or further away?

If you have a goal, then you can keep your eye on the prize and keep yourself on track.  Will this extra packet of biscuits take me closer to my goal or further away?  Will this extra hour to myself take me closer to my goal or further away?

Aligned with your values – who you really are

Goals that are aligned with your values will also be ones that you will achieve as they come from your very soul. The heart of you and what makes you tick. A goal that doesn’t resonate with your values will not tick the boxes of Achievable nor Realistic. Do you know what your values are? Click here to discover your core values.

What keeps you on your toes?

I prefer to set myself mini, specific, bite-sized achievable goals with deadlines to keep me on my toes.  That way, I can incorporate the new into my life gradually or pull myself away from what I’m tolerating. I need a challenge. Do you know what you need?

Set your goals and use these tips to help you stay on track:-

  1. Include some goals that are quick wins to build your confidence
  2. Include some fun goals – mix it up and don’t make it all hard graft e.g. I want to learn yoga and travel more
  3. Make your goals achievable and a stretch but not impossible
  4. Think about what motivates you and find rewards for when you have achieved your goal (maybe it’s something like simple like the feeling it will give you?)
  5. Get online help, join a support group or hire a Life Coach
  6. Find a buddy who has similar goals and team up to achieve them together
  7. Find out what is holding you back and work with that
  8. Do something regularly to create momentum – instead of setting aside a whole day to do something, 20 minutes every day will incorporate it into your life
  9. Be kind to yourself. If you miss a day, it’s not All Over Red Rover. It’s just a day off and you can start again tomorrow. You are human after all. We are too tough on ourselves sometimes
  10. Find a motivating and uplifting song that gets you in the zone. This one is my fave right now!

I’m happy to help you with your goal setting, so drop me a line

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This is the part where we set your goals (David Beckham not included).  If this isn’t for you, you can still help by spreading the good word.

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  1. No David Beckham? are you sure? 😉

    I am not that into goal setting I have to say, I just like to work hard and achieve lots
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..Quick tips to re-purpose your blog content #bloggingMy Profile

  2. David Beckham not my cup of tea and I prefer rugby to football….. but goals are always a good thing 🙂
    One of my goals for 2012 is to conquer my fear of public speaking, and I have a few events lined up so fingers crossed……..
    Naomi Johnson recently posted..The Future of Social Media?My Profile

    • I don’t understand rugby….although the men are hunkier chunkier but a bit bashed up!!! A REAL man’s sport. Naomi me and you both. The only way is to do it. Good for you! Let me know how you get on. I bet you’ll be fab.

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