10 Things I Love Right Now – Be Grateful for What you Have!

What we focus our attention on grows

and we want a life full of the things we love ūüôā

On this Feel Good Friday and to create an energy of gratitude throughout the land, I would like to share with you 10 things I’m LOVING right now:-

 1.  My Home

photo (43)

I recently moved back into my flat. ¬†The excitement was palpable. ¬†Proper girlie mood boards for a new bathroom. ¬†We went with pink and sparkly in the end. ¬†Do you like the picture that proudly hangs in my hallway (above)? ¬†It’s the first thing you see when you open the front door. ¬†The move involved a huge de-clutter and a few trips to the skip and charity shop. ¬†There is nothing quite like it. ¬†Energetically clearing and physically making your home a space that is full of love, harmony and whatever else you want it to be full of. ¬†This is is without doubt good for the soul.

2.  My New Office


Yes that’s right folks! ¬†During a economic downturn, my business has doubled! ¬†Failure was never an option for a girl with as much gumption as me. ¬†I feel so proud that I now have a coaching place I can call home. ¬†That’s my office in the picture above. ¬†Right on the green at one end of Weybridge High Street. ¬†It’s a huge milestone. ¬†I’ve coached over 150 children in the last year and helped them and their families feel happier with their little lot. ¬†I’m so lucky to be doing this as a job – it never feels like work.

3.  Sunday Coaching Workshops

shiney pennies experiment set up     a good friend always     sparkle poster2steps to happiness


Save the last Sunday in every month for some fun practical coaching workshops. We have fun painting our feet, doing experiments to see what made us more sparkly, playing games, completing word searches and role plays to practise dealing with bullies. ¬†We also learnt how to relax and how to deal with some of our big emotions that were a little too much. ¬†It was great to see the groups connect and for the children to be able to help each other. ¬† There’s something very powerful about knowing you are not alone with your stuff. ¬†If you check out the calender on the right hand side of this page, all the upcoming workshop dates are printed here.


4.  Dr Laura Markham

This lady rocks.  She is the guru of attachment parenting and when it comes to sticky moments with your kids, she has it all sorted.   Her website Aha Parenting is full of practical tips on how to nurture your children  as well as making parenting more rewarding.  Check it out for yourself.


5. ¬†Calvin Harris’ ¬†– Thinking about you

Come on we all need one. ¬†A feel good tune that makes us want to wind the window down and sing our hearts out. The vibration of music lifts our mood. ¬†This is a great thing to remember if the mood gets a bit low in your house. ¬†A little boogie works wonders too. ¬† I like this song for running to. ¬†A close second to this song is You’ve got the Love by Candi Stanton.

rhiannon ford6.  Rhiannon Ford РDivorce Consultant

I recently met up for coffee  with this warm, funny and smart lady, Rhiannon Ford.  She certainly knows her stuff.  A Family Law Solicitor retrained as a Personal Development Coach helps families who are breaking up.  Not only does she give practical guidance but she is emotionally supportive to those who are going through a time of confusion, stress and uncertainty.  She helps people in the early stages before they have entered the legal process as well as those who are with a solicitor or coming to terms with the changes their life has experienced as a result of the divorce being final.

7.  Pick My Brain

Last week, a stressed out Mum rung me to talk about her 7 year old son Tom who seemed to be very angry. ¬†She rung to enquire if one of my workshops would help him at all. ¬†We talked about how Tom was¬†being uncooperative and having anger outbursts more and more frequently. ¬†This meant they often struggled to get to school on time. ¬†We also talked about some possible solutions. ¬†After the telephone call, she sent me an email to say: “Thanks so much for all the information you sent through and your help this afternoon. I’ve already read quite a few of the articles and spoken with my husband about it. We feel positive that it will really help. Incidentally, Tom went off in a minor huff this evening and I tried the cuddling technique. He came right out of it. If you do the workshop soon, I’d like to book him in please.” ¬†Pick My Brain is only ¬£25 for 30 minute Skype or telephone call which may just make things right again.

8.  Rain


OK please don’t beat me all down with a big umbrella. ¬†I’m ginger and I don’t fare well in this 90 degree heat. ¬†Wardrobe dilemmas, fake tan misdemeanours and general sweatiness is not my idea of a good summer. ¬†Blue skies and a gentle breeze as I walk through the park. ¬†Yes I can do that. ¬†Sleepless nights with a noisy fan and being eaten alive by bugs. ¬†I cannot do that. ¬†The rain that we have had lately has been a cool blessing. ¬†Amen!

9.  Emotional Freedom Technique

Lately with some of my more anxious clients, I have been using Emotional Freedom Technique. ¬†EFT uses the same energy spots as traditional acupuncture to calm the nervous system. ¬†Children can release negative emotions (such as anxiety, sadness or anger) simply by tapping each meridian point and breathing deeply. ¬†A step-by-step guide of how to tap (it’s easy when you know how) can be found here

10.  Mummypages


This website really is top of the pops and not just because I wrote an article for them on 10 Easy Steps to Encourage Self Confidence in Your Child. ¬†It is quite literally jam packed with everything you need to know about ¬†A UK website dedicated to parenting, pregnancy and all things family related. ¬†Particularly helpful for the school holidays, is the page on Things to Do. ¬†As well as being able to search for fun activites by area and child’s age, you can also print off reward charts (encourage positive behaviour is something I’m a fan of) and a travel checklist. ¬†See what you think!

I’d love to hear what you love about your life right now. ¬†Put your favourite things in the comments box below and inject a bit of gratitude into your day. ¬†Then if you have a moment please share this article with your nearest and dearest using the Facebook and Twitter buttons). ¬†Go on……….spread the LOVE & HAPPINESS!



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